Our success started with a dream...

The Most Important Ingredient is Passion

Brandini Toffee began with a simple act of encouragement; a family friend who inspired a young confectioner to pursue his creative passion for making sweets with a lesson in how to make toffee. Perfecting his recipe over time, the toffee became the aspiring candy-maker’s gift of love and chocolate decadence for holidays, birthdays, and just-because occasions for family and friends. This confection made with affection would soon become the catalyst among two life-long friends and their families to share their scrumptious gift with people around the world.

In 2006, our young candy-maker Brandon Weimer and his innovative best friend, Leah Post, were presented with an opportunity to go on a class trip to Italy during their sophomore year of high school. Together, Leah and Brandon began to sell their toffee as a fundraiser to pay for the costs of their trip. Within just months of their enterprising efforts, they introduced their gourmet almond toffee delights and surpassed their funding goals. Upon returning from their class trip adventures in Assisi, Florence, Pisa, and Rome, Italy, Brandon and Leah set a new goal to grow their fundraising enterprise into a fun family business committed to quality and community.

Today, Brandini Toffee is enjoyed by chocolate-lovers and aficionados everywhere, and is the first toffee company to receive the coveted gold sofi Award. Founded in the Palm Springs area, the family owned and operated business has become a featured favorite on Oprah Winfrey’s O List , Martha Stewart, the Food Network and more. The company’s dedication to hand-made toffee created with fine ingredients that are preservatives-free and GMO-free is just one aspect of the success that has led to the two Brandini store locations in the Coachella Valley and world-wide shipments of sweets. The Post and Weimer families have built Brandini Toffee on a foundation of inspiring passion and giving back.

On any given day you may find school children touring the Brandini Toffee shops to learn how it’s made while receiving delicious encouragement to pursue their own dreams and passions in life. Brandon and Leah often return to their high school as special guest speakers to share their journey as inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Each year Brandini Toffee donates more than 500lbs of toffee to local charities and special community fundraisers, with the simple aim of helping people accomplish their goals.

What began in 2006 as a way to earn money for a student trip to Italy has grown into a thriving business. Brandini Toffee is more than a creator of the world’s most delicious almond toffee, it is a family-owned company, handcrafting simple ingredients into sweet indulgences that make people say mmm.

Brandini Toffee welcomes you into the family, inviting you to share in the gift of giving something special to that someone special.