Our Story - Brandini Toffee

Our Story

Brandini Toffee

The Most Important Ingredient is Passion

In 2006, a young toffee-maker Brandon Weimer and family friend were presented an opportunity to go on a class trip to Italy during their sophomore year of high school. Challenged by their parents to earn half the cost of their trip, they accepted, and Brandini Toffee was born.

With unwavering optimism, they sold their toffee to family, friends and the community. Within a few months the two surpassed their funding goals and enjoyed a well-earned trip to Europe. Since then, the company has grown into a business committed to quality and community.

Founded in the Palm Springs area, Brandini Toffee is enjoyed by chocolate-lovers and toffee aficionados around the world, and is the first toffee company to receive the coveted gold sofi Award. The family owned business has become a featured favorite on Oprah Winfrey’s O List, The Martha Stewart Show, The Food Network and our toffee has even been served to the President of the United States. The company is dedicated to handcrafted toffee created with premium, preservatives-free and GMO-free ingredients. This is the recipe that has led to four Brandini store locations, a fast-growing wholesale segment, and shipments world-wide.

Brandini Toffee was built on a foundation of inspiring passion and giving back. On any given day you may find school children touring the shops to learn how it’s made while receiving encouragement to pursue their own dreams and passions. 

The company gives back by sharing their story and experiences to groups of all ages, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Brandini Toffee also donates thousands of pounds of product annually to local non-profit organizations with the simple aim of helping others accomplish their goals.

Brandini Toffee welcomes you into the family, with an invitation to share in the gift of giving something special.


Our Simple Mission:

What began in 2006 as a way to earn money for a student trip to Italy has grown into a thriving business. Brandini Toffee is more than a creator of the world’s most delicious almond toffee, it is a family-owned company, handcrafting simple ingredients into sweet indulgences that make people say Mmm...