Tales of Toffee

The Case of the Stolen Lexus

One Thursday night Brandon and I were working at Palm Springs VillageFest and a married couple approached our booth, introduced themselves, and explained that they had read about us and couldn’t wait to try the toffee. They bought a 1lb. Box and 1/2lb. tin of Brandini Bites. They thanked us and we said our goodbyes. About an hour later they returned without their toffee and asked for the same order as before. As we packed up the toffee they explained that while standing right outside their car talking, someone jumped in the driver’s seat and drove away in their brand new Lexus. After the shock of what had happened subsided they called the police, filed a report, and then realized that the toffee they just purchased was in the back seat of the car. So what did they do? Went immediately back to the Brandini Toffee booth and bought some more, of course. True story!