Tales of Toffee

Fido Likes Bites

Leah’s friend Tisa was excited about the unique gift for her dad – a 1/2lb. tin of Brandini Bites. She wrapped it up and placed it under the Christmas tree. But one night upon returning from a party withe her family, they noticed wrapping paper torn up next to the dog and the tin of toffee missing from under the tree. They looked around the house but couldn’t find it anywhere. Christmas had soon come and gone, the toffee was forgotten. Until one day Tisa noticed a hole in the backyard that her dog had made. She walked over to get a closer look and there was the tin; her dog had unburied it. She picked it up and noticed that the plastic wrapper was still intact, the tin was unopened! Tisa was able to give her dad the gift after all. They shared a laugh and the entire tin of toffee.