Brandini Toffee Locations - at a Store Near You?

Brandini Toffee Locations - at a Store Near You?

December 04, 2017

I was a resident of La Quinta for many years before moving to the Phoenix,Az area.  Of course, I was a lover of your toffee and usually had it in my home on special occasions or stopped by your store to satisfy a craving.   Recently I was surprised to see one of your representatives with a booth at the Tubac Art Festival.  Shortly after that I was visiting friends in the Palm Springs area and stopped in your store at the Outlet Mall.  An employee at that store told me your toffee could now be purchased at the Costco Stores in the area.  Wow!  Bravo to you for growing your business.

 He also told me that he thought I may be able to purchase it at a few Costco Stores in the Phoenix area.  I am attending a gift exchange in a week.  The theme is “My Favorite Things”.  We are to bring a gift that is special to us and tell the story behind it.

I will be sharing your story and how I came to love your candy.  So there a Costco in this area where I can purchase your product?

 - Juli C.

Phoenix, AZ


BT: I think there may be! Please check our list of recent stores carrying Brandini. Costco will be selling the toffee popcorn through Christmas.