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Musings of a Toffee Lover

We received a stack of the 2 tins as a Christmas gift. i am a lover of caramel and nuts, and, toffee pretty much fits the bill.

i love the size of the pieces, the packaging, and, most of all, the flavor and richness of your toffee. i could use more almonds, though! i think the amount of chocolate to to crunchy bottom is great, and, i think the bits are a great idea too. when we get gifts of the different types of toffee from across the nation, we usually use the crumbs to top our ice cream.

i have to go out and buy some quality ice cream, as, the cheap stuff only makes your topping taste nasty. :)
i didn’t read the back of your card, but, saw the call for comments in the cans, and, after going to your website to comment, noticed the story on the back of the card.

i think it is great you are both students (i wish my 2 kids would get a job), and, think it is wonderful that you give back to causes you believe in. I would like to know when your sugar free version comes out too! one of my children has food allergies and is unable to try your product, but, i think it is wonderful you are thinking about dietary restrictions of people.

good luck in the development of it, and, much success to you in school.

- Donna
Northridge, CA