Outstanding Toffee

January 14, 2009

I first tasted Brandini Toffee after ordering it on Wine.Woot in early
October. I ordered two “sets” and after tasting it, wished I had
ordered three. So, in late November when it came up on a Woot-off on
Woot.com, I quickly went for three. I was going to log in on my
husband’s account and order another three (so I wouldn’t have to share),
but apparently I was one of the last folks to get in on it and it was
sold out when I submitted the order under Bill’s account. I’ve been so
sad ever since…

But, this order is being sent to my niece and her husband. Boy, are
they in for a delightful surprise! :-)

Can you give me any clue as to whether or not Brandini Toffee will be
offered again (and if so, when) on either Woot.com or Wine.Woot.com?

Thanks for making such an outstanding product!!!