Brandini Goes to Afghanistan! - Brandini Toffee

Brandini Goes to Afghanistan!

January 11, 2009

I am a chaplain currently stationed in Afghanistan. Some of my friends in La Quinta recently sent me a box of your toffee. Wholly Schmolly was it good. I shared most of it, which I now regret, and I’m down to crumbs. I didn’t even know I was a toffee lover until I had a box of yours, so I guess I can see why it is hailed as the best ever. It is the best ever to me. Anyway, I have no web access to purchase any, so could you e-mail me a price quote for a couple of boxes and your mailing address. I will send the money and you can send the toffee when you receive it. Since I’m so nice I will still share, but one box is just for me.

Very Respectfully,
Karen R., LT, CHC, USN
CLB-3 Chaplain
SPMAGTF Afghanistan