Chest Physicians "Dig In" Toffee - Brandini Toffee

Chest Physicians "Dig In" Toffee

October 17, 2008

I had my first Brandini Toffee here in the Palisades as a gift from a friend who had been given a little golden bag of it as part of a Goodie Bag she had received at (I think) an American College of Chest Physicians get together in Palm Springs area. On the tag was the Brandini story and web site. I liked the Toffee very much and just ordered it 9/20 (order #1425). Two tins just came today (9/22/08) and I’m about to dig in to continue my very enjoyable experience. I’m thinking that these tins make great “Thank You’s” – so you’ll see some more orders from me soon – and possibly other orders as a direct result of these gifts.

- George B.
Pacific Palisades, CA