Customers Rave

First Time at Costco

The first time I tried Brandini Toffee was at Costco. Too be honest I’m not much of a Toffee fan and seldom eat chocolate. But whoo….it was so good. I loved it. I love taste,texture and crunch. And because the Toffee is handmade and fresh, it had a nice soft crunch. Not like the hard toffee’s bought in stores filled with preservatives. I bought 2 one pound boxes. One for myself and the second box as gift for cousin. However I don’t think the second box will make it to my cousin. I’m planning to eat it all and will have to order more real soon. These will be great birthday and holiday gifts. Every year I try to find something new to give and now I’m all set. Thank you for bringing me this wonderful toffee. My husband loves it but he doesn’t eat too much of it because his 22 week pregnant wife love them.

- Hetty
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA