Reuse and Recycle

January 17, 2011

I bought two 8-oz. cans of toffee and a bag of toffee popcorn at the La Quinta Costco last month and I love-love-loved the popcorn. I could taste the butter much more than in Moose Munch. The toffee pieces are tastier than anything I've ever had. Again, it's the butter. I bought two more cans of the toffee a week later and gave one as a gift.

I would like to know if you recycle the cans. They are so well-designed and nice I hate to throw them away. I don't have another use for them. Let me know.

Thanks for making such a wonderful product. 

- Cruver
Indio, CA

BT: Thanks Cruver. We're looking for creative ways to reuse our packaging. Have an idea? Email us at