In a nano second

March 24, 2008

I first sampled your toffee at Kitchen Kitchen when I went in to buy a heart cookie cutter around Valentine’s Day. The lady behind the counter shared a little information about how you got started.

We went to Italy last October to cooking school and then on a Vermont Bicycle tour thru the Tuscan Coast. Didn’t you just love it there?

Anyway, I bought a tin of toffee with all the intention of giving it as a hostess gift…...but couldn’t resist opening it. My daughter and I have been nibbling and can’t get over how it just melts in your mouth.

Today we saw you at the Street Fair….......:-}Good for you!

I will definately get some more before I go back to Vermont in May. I’m SURE there are stores that would jump on this product in a nano second. Let me know if you need any help distributing in the North East.

Nancy (and Wendy too)

S. Burlington, Vermont