Customers Rave

Wine Woot Hilarity Ensues

Favorite comments from our recent showing at Wine Woot Woot-Off.

- Freakin’ unbelievable stuff. Waiting all day for it to come up. YUM!!!!

- SOOOO not fair! Stuck with gestational diabetes (with insulin) and of COURSE this comes up! UGH!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting since early this year for this to come up again. Anyone who likes sweets, this stuff is sooo good! Very addictive!

- If you don’t buy 3, you will be sorely disappointed. And massively upset.
If you only bought 2, you will be happy that you have more, but will still be wishing for more.
If you only bought 1, you will never make that mistake again.

- It is. I’ve never missed a Brandini woot, and literally have been checking all day in the hope that I’d get another chance.

- At work today someone brought in some Harry & David toffee. I’m so spoiled by Brandini – the H&D stuff tasted like two buck chuck in comparison to Brandini’s Corison cab, if you know what I mean.

- Call me weird… but I thought this stuff tasted even better after being in my freezer for 6 months (in double freezer bags). I liked it a littler softer.

- As everyone else has said, this is as addictive as crack. I bought 3 last year and made the mistake of giving some away at work. Now it’s expected of me to buy it when it comes back up for sale. I’m going to feign ignorance and say I missed it. This is why others need to have their OWN woot accounts!

- This was an immediate buy for 3. This stuff is Toffee-Crack and you will eat every delicious bite and wish you had more. For those of you on the fence, get off that fence and buy 3 of these and you will never regret it. I cannot say enough that this stuff is INCREDIBLE. By the way, if you can’t tell, I sort of like it.

- The Toffee Toppers are soooo good sprinkled on top of French Vanilla ice cream! I haven’t had a hot fudge sundae (normally my favorite) since the first time I tried the Toffee Toppers. O.M.G!

- I bought 3. I just recently ordered (and even more recently received) Brandini Bites and Toffee Toppers that I ordered directly from their web site — the stuff is that good that it’s hard to wait for another Woot-off featuring the stuff.

- The kind I ordered a long time ago is STILL good, though I’ve kept it in the back of the refrigerator.

- I have to say this is the BEST toffee I’ve ever had, and it makes a wonderful gift!

- Man I cannot resist this stuff! I have a box in my fridge and a few tins of the toppers.

- Yet i couldn’t not resist gifting this to my Mother-in-Law, just so happens we will be visiting right about the time the woot box will arrive with the yummy goodness.

- Truly the best toffee I have ever eaten

- This is hands down the best toffee I have ever had anywhere. And while I know you can make your own toffee, I respectfully disagree. Because while you can make your own toffee, you CANNOT make Brandini’s Toffee.

- It is amazing. And if you try it and don’t like it, try messaging some of your fellow wooters to take it off of your hands!

- Yes, you could buy cheaper, poorer quality toffee, but why would you when you can have the best? Handcrafted using solid ingredients and no junk in sight. Quite frankly this price is a STEAL for the quality and amount of the toffee you get.

- I eat the toppers by themselves…with a spoon. =P I have also stirred them into hot chocolate, brownies, or other desserts.

- Me too. I just read some info about Leah and Brandon (well the picture with Jacques Pepin doesn’t hurt either). What a great small business success. Congrats to both of you for making your dreams come true.