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Fan and Addict

My husband came home from his work. a resident's family member, gifted him a bag of this delicious popcorn for christmas. since it was his, i waited till the beginning of february to try...opened it and tried a few...quickly i hid it , because this was, way, too good to share..2 weeks ago, he asks, is all that caramel popcorn gone!....with heavy sadness, i said no....put it out but he hasn't really had some...that's what i'm telling myself...and really caramel popcorn...when this is toffee! ...yes i  am guilty i ate the rest! i ordered 2 more bags and the the toffee bits...and with free shipping too! i scored, i'll put back the bag, he got, have mine...and toffee bits for the cheesecake i just bought at costco, yesterday....just had to share. loved the story on how this got started  thank you!

 sincerely yours......a fan and addict of this world best TOFFEE popcorn,

 Elizabeth H.

 p.s.joined your point program and signed up for emails and discounts.....

Test Tasted Toffee in Tennessee

Greetings from Tennessee,

     Just wanted to let your team know how much I am ENJOYING my 1st experience with your product!  This past week I received my Toffee order placed thru HSN. As we have been experiencing 15 - 20* above normal temps, here in TN. I was concerned about the quality & condition the toffee would be in, prior to opening. However, to my amazement it was in perfect condition. I test-tasted a small piece & was VERY IMPRESSED with the texture, crunch & most importantly the was DELICIOUS.  I had to allow myself another larger piece before placing in the refrigerator, as per the enclosed instructions for storage. I then went to your website to learn more about this wonderful sweet confection that I had not previously known about.  Since the nearest brick & mortar retail sales to me are located hundreds of miles away in GA & NC, I will be seeking out online purchasing options. I just want to congratulate you & your staff for the production of such a SUPERB product & I look forward to trying your other offerings. I am sure they will be just as wonderful, tasty & pleasing as my initial encounter.

 Thank you,

Geraldine S.

Brandini, Brownies and Beyond

Just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed your toffee brownies, they were so decadent beyond belief.

E. Villa
Palm Desert, CA