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Toffee for Christmas

Thought I would share - last night I was at my son's soccer game and was talking about shopping for Christmas.  The topic of toffee came up because no one had attended our local harvest festival, where my mother in law usually orders her favorite toffee.  I mentioned I knew of another toffee place that had FANTASTIC toffee and mentioned you were from Palm Desert - my husband's aunt said "you mean Brandini???  I LOVE that stuff!!!"  Well now I knew what to get my mother in law for her birthday AND my hubby's aunt for Christmas!  Word is spreading about how great you are! Terri G. Regional Account Manager Associations Insurance Agency, Inc.

Fab in the U.K.

We were recently in palm springs & purchased your toffee. It is the most Delightful we have ever tasted. We will re order online if you post to the UK.  & in bulk.  Thank you for creating such a fab product. - Tanya D. London, UK BT: Yes, we ship worldwide and sell all our products vacuum sealed in bulk.

Texas Toffee

We were there visiting on vacation,at the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Villas with friends and decided to attend the Villagefest on last thursday. You all had a booth set up there at the fest. We were passing by the booth when me and the guests that was visiting with us stopped and thought that we would have a sample. After tasting was very impressed with the over whelming taste, that I purchased a small bag of the toffee and a bag of the poppers to bring home to Texas. Long story short, I have since eaten what I brought home. I kept the card that was in the bag with the purchase that I am now online purchasing the bundle. I love toffee but, this is te best I have ever tasted. Keep up the good work. I cannot wait til I return to work to let my coworkers taste this wonderful toffee I have had the experience to have sampled. Thanks, Michelle T. Galveston, Texas