Our success started with a dream...


Brandini Toffee :: Our Story

During our freshman year of high school, our English
teacher Ms. Douglas, told us she was planning
a class trip to Italy.

We were very excited about the possibility of going.
Our parents liked the idea but told us that we’d have
to find a way to pay for half the trip ourselves.

We were too young to get jobs so we decided to start our own business.

But what exactly?

Brandon makes a tasty toffee and I just happen to love candy.

Let's Start A Candy Company!

Within a couple months we paid off our trips in full, plus spending money,
and in the spring of 2007 we went to Assisi, Florence, Pisa and Rome.

Accomplishing our goal was such a great experience that we decided to keep the dream alive and continue making our gourmet almond toffee. With the help of our families, we've moved into a 5,200sq ft. facility in Rancho Mirage and have expanded the product line to include more than just toffee. Brandon has returned to Brandini with a degree from the University of Arizona and I from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Our new goal is to build Brandini Toffee into a company that will secure the futures of our two families and continue to give back to the community that has given so much to us.

- Leah